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Tuesday, the danish enviorelmental departement was here looking at aluforce 740 offshore for potientel new boat for science and tests in aquartic environment.

Aquapoint thanks for your interesse and visit 👌
The demand for Aluforce are increasing 👌

So we have just hired 2 new welders, they will meet a 4 week traniee periode before they will weld Aluforce.
Here are some off the guys working on our new model Aluforce 740 Walk Through.
The customer are German Fishery department...
Tuesday we had scientists from OFFIS Oldenburg in germany visiting.

Professor hahn and crew were here, looking for New solid ship for their science projects.
Thanks you for your inspiring visit, and talk to you soon 👌
Aluforce 820....

8,20 x 2,50 m
Weight 1400 kg
Gasoline Cap : 500 liter
Motor max : 300 hp
Persons : 10

Really big multipurpose boat, offshore trolling /seafishing, diving, patrol boat, passenger transport or for the actice family who are seeking adventures..

Big salon with possibility for pantry section (option)
Closed toilet room, (option)
4 persons can sleep comfortable.
Planar diesel heater.

Prices from 486900,- Danish Kr. incl vat.
Export price from 389500,- Danish Kr. without
Export price from 53340,- Euro without vat.

Please send message for more info or call : +45 60684850
Today its storm and the chill factor is making it feel very very cold outside.

But storm and cold dont stop us, so today I had visit of one of the very hardcore nordic seaanglers and trollingfishers mr Thomas Bøge Nielsen and family.

Thank you for your very positive visit Thomas, look forward to hear from you soon again 😊
Aluforce 740 Offshore.

A film from Germany, where our Aluforce 740 are used as ferry from main land til the tourist island of Juist.
The documentary film are in German langue ,but there are good wiews of Aluforce 740 in use on water.... Enjoy.

Cvr: 20376341

Telefon: +45 60684850

Mail: info@aquapoint.dk